Hello, my dear friend!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting my site – my passion project!

I am Annette – a girl who has always been interested in hair beauty as the majority of girls. From early days of my life I dealt with hair styling of my dolls, sisters, mom and sometimes dad. I was making different clumsy hairstyles, using childish hair accessories, as well as cut and colored hair with felt-tip pens whereupon my dolls looked like scarecrows. Thank God that my victims were mostly dolls, not my family members!

Only now I understand that these poor dolls were actually my mannequins. When I grew up and my interest about hair did not disappear anywhere, I understood that it is time to learn this trade in professional level. I finished hairdressing school and college, as well as finished several hairdressing courses to improve knowledge and skills in hairdressing. Now I am working as a hairdresser in hair salon for more than 10 years, but nothing has stopped – I am still attending various seminars to be informed on the latest trends and hairdressing methods, as well as I am working on this site to help you with different issues which are connected with hairdressing, hairstyling and haircare.

Seems that everyone has heard a saying that hair is the biggest women’s jewelry, therefore, it is important to take care of their beauty and health.

Be bold, be barber, be bold barber!

Be bold, be barber, be bold barber!

One of preconditions of beautiful and healthy hair is hair cutting – during hair cutting we get rid of split or dead hair which look limp and lifeless, as well as get new and nice haircut. Hair cutting and hairstyling are ways how to get yourself a new image or to improve the existing.

Considering that hairdresser cuts, thins, texturizes, extensions, styles, curls, straightens, colors and bleaches hair, hairdresser can be considered as magician, because it is able to give you desired hair within few hours. Anyway the most important and the most powerful tool in every hairstylist’s hands is hair cutting shears. Of course, result of haircut mainly depends on hairstylist’s professional skills, but it also depends on quality and suitability of shears, therefore, it is significant to obtain sharp, durable, long-lasting and comfortable shears which are appropriate for most hair cutting techniques.

Taking into account this fact, I am focusing on different hair cutting tools, making reviews to help you to find your best magic wand. Excluding reviews, I have looked at the very core things which are related to scissors, hair, hairdressing, hairstyling and haircare, because we cannot look at things out of context, namely, we cannot talk about hair cutting shears, not talking about hair.

I would like to remind you that this project – boldbarber.com – is not some kind of scientific encyclopedia, but just informative resource for hairdressing enthusiasts and interests. In spite of your occupation and the purpose to be here I hope you will find here what you were looking for!

Yours sincerely,
Annette Moore