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Best Straight Razors

Let’s face it: Facial hairs are not for everyone. While keeping a beard might work for certain people, it is not applicable to others. Maintaining a beard requires time and money – only a handful of people can afford both. Close shaving is the only other alternative available for any individual in the latter category. There are different ways you can get a close shave. Safety razor and beard trimmers are viable options. But nothing beats the use of a straight razor. They are economical and are not difficult to maintain. This in-depth article looks at everything straight razor; from…

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Best Nose Hair Trimmers

There are many products around these days to help you with grooming and personal appearance. One of the items that you can purchase is a nose hair trimmer, which provides the ideal solution to keeping unsightly nose hair at bay. In fact, when you find the best nose hair trimmer you can often use it for other purposes because it comes with additional attachments. This includes using it as an eyebrow trimmer and even as an ear hair trimmer. These trimmers provide a fantastic and cost-effective means of controlling unwanted hair for men. Many men have problems when it comes…

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Best Safety Razors

It can be annoying when you still have patches of hair here and there on your face after shaving. Most people want a clean shave without the tiny spikes of hair left. One of the biggest problems wet shavers face is shaving bumps. This outcome can be downright embarrassing. What causes these unfavorable outcomes is mainly the safety razor used. Sometimes the blades are not sharp enough which results in repetitive strokes. Other times the safety razor is just downright bad. You most likely came here looking for the best products to use so you can get that close and…

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Best Beard Trimmers

Many men go through life with a very similar problem. This problem is one that pops up in their teen years and goes on throughout their life. Shaving, it’s something every male goes through and it can be one of the most irritating things to deal with when you have to get up in the morning for a business meeting. If you’re one of those men who need to take care of a long beard or you have to keep a clean shave for your job, then you probably find yourself frustrated daily with your razors. This list is put…

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thinning shears

Best thinning and texturizing shears

If you are looking for some high quality, professional standard hair thinning and texturizing shears then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we review ten of the best products of this kind currently available on the market. Without exception, these sheers are great value for money whilst still being built from the highest quality materials. And they have razor sharp blades that deliver a clean, even cut every time. They are a dream to use as well, very easy to grip and handle. Use them to cut, trim, thin and texturize your own hair or that…

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best hair clippers

Best hair clippers and trimmers

In this article, we review 10 of the best hair clippers and trimmers currently available on the market, in the hope that you, too, can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful product. These clippers are all equipped with razor sharp blades and heavy duty motors that deliver power and performance without sacrificing comfort: you can be sure they will cut through any hair no matter how thick, quietly and smoothly. You can also use them to trim, clip and sculpt beards and mustaches, and clean up sideburns and necklines – they do it all. Some of these hair clippers are…

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best hairdressing scissors

Best hair cutting barber shears

If you are looking for some high-quality hairdressing scissors and hair cutting shears that are suitable for use both at home, among hairdressing students, and even in professional barbers and hair salon settings, then you have arrived in the right place. In this article, we review 10 of the best barber shears currently available on the market: Rest assured these products have been handpicked for quality, so no need to worry about dragging or split ends, and no need to worry about difficult to handle scissors that place undue stress on your hands and back. When it comes to affordability,…

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