How to choose a name for your hair salon?

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How to choose a name for your hair salon?

Starting up your own hair salon business should be an exhilarating experience. However, before you hit the ground running, you will have to handle some very small, practical matters. One of these is how to select a name that will be good for your business? If this question already has you flummoxed, then never fear. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to select a unique, appropriate, eye-catching name that will attract no end of customers to your salon. Follow these simple rules and watch the clients and money roll in!

1. Generate some ideas …
How do you generate ideas for your hair studio business’ name? Ideally, you will be able to come up with a list of candidates for your business’ name just by sitting down and brainstorming, but sometimes it isn’t that simple. Often ideas come to you out of nowhere and at the unlikeliest of times – in the shower, on the loo, at the store. Make sure you’ve got a place to record ideas for salon names that come to you out of the blue (eg a notebook). Also, try asking for salon names ideas from your friends and family. If you are a very visual person, try drawing the logo for the business first – maybe that will help you come up with a fitting name. Another idea: assume that your name, location or services provided will be part of the name, maybe that will help you create something catchy and memorable. But the bottom line is to do whatever you can to generate ideas for your salon’s name, and generate as many as possible – that way you are more likely to find a winner amongst all the chaff.

2. Make it one to remember
Give your beauty salon a name that is striking BUT also easy to remember and fits your skills and the services offered by your business. This is a delicate balance: You don’t want your clients confusing you with half a dozen other salons out there, so you want something unique, BUT you don’t want something so ‘unique’ that people will easily forget it, or that has awkward spelling which is difficult to locate in the phonebook or on the internet.

3. Make it short and sweet
In the same vein, select a name for your beauty salon which is quick and catchy, and rolls off the tongue. After all, word of mouth is the major way you spread awareness about your business. You don’t want something that’s a mouthful, and that is obscure so that people will easily forget it.

4. Make sure it has an emotional connection
Choose a name that evokes warm, fuzzy feelings in your customers and makes them feel good. That way they will be more likely to be drawn through the door when they hear it on the radio, or read about it online. To do this, your hair studio business’ name should refer to the customers and their needs, not be all about you. For example, “Relax and Spoil Yourself Salon” is better than “Samantha’s Salon”.

5. Have a Visual Element
Your salon name should also evoke a positive image in people‚Äôs minds when they hear it. Most of us visually oriented creatures, and if you can associate your business’ name with positive imagery, people will be more likely to think of it when they need hair styling services – both for themselves and friends and family.

6. Use a Business Name Generator
If you’re genuinely stuck for ideas, there are many business name generator tools online which can lend you a hand. Here are a few:

7. Be sure it’s not already taken!
Another thing to bear in mind is to steer clear of trademark infringement. You don’t want to choose a name for your business that is already in use by another beauty salon and you certainly don’t want to imitate or copy another business’ brand!

8. Get – honest – feedback
Once you think you’ve arrived at a good name for your business, seek feedback for it from others. From whom? Your first thought might be – your friends, family, coworkers etc. However, bear in mind that these people may be afraid to give you honest feedback for fear of hurting your feelings or damaging their relationship with you. Instead try THIS tool for evaluating your business name: Igor International is a well-known branding agency who have a useful tool to help you evaluate your chosen business name. They use criteria like: appearance, sound, distinctiveness, positioning, depth, feel, energy, x-factor, domain availability. Give them a try.


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