Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Usually, during pregnancy hair become strong, thick, healthy, and shiny. This process is promoted by increase of female hormone – progesterone. Woman body starts to produce growing hormones in order to ensure wholesome development of baby. However, 2 to 3 months after childbirth hair might start to fall increasingly, as well as they might become dry, brittle, and dim, as the level of progesterone rapidly falls, frustrating overall hormonal condition in the body.

Usually, those women, who are breastfeeding their babies, experience severe hair loss, as during breastfeeding mothers are losing a lot of micro-elements, proteins, and other important elements for body health that are restoring slowly. The lack of these elements takes the form of hair, nail, and sometimes teeth damages. It can also be promoted by the lack of iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamins, stress, postpartum depression, and environmental factors – dusty environment, air conditioners, ultraviolet radiation, and chemicals. Usually, a situation returns to normal during the year.

It is recommended to continue to use special pregnancy vitamins even after childbirth for some time. However, taking into account that children of 21st century are allergic, breastfeeding mothers have to use different vitamins very carefully. If the mother is not breastfeeding, she can start a 3-month hair recovery course using special hair vitamins.

In order to improve the hair structure, it is recommended to use hair care products that contain proteins. It is also recommended to avoid all kinds of chemicals – not to bleach and not to dye the hair. Going in the solarium or sauna, it is desirable to wear a special hat in order not to dry the hair.

As wet hair is very vulnerable, they should not be combed immediately after washing – they should be left to dry a little bit. Never rub your hair with a towel after washing – just gently squeeze them and leave them into a towel for 15 to 20 minutes.

Both for improvement of feeling and blood circulation (and thus hair growth) a massage of scalp and hairy part of the head is useful. You can use your fingers for this purpose as well as special massage accessories.

If the hair begin to fall out reinforced, it is recommended to consult a hair specialist or, in other words, a trichologist.


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