The Hair – a Reflection of Your Lifestyle

The Hair – a Reflection of Your Lifestyle

Shops are full of many different hair products, but they help to improve hair appearance, not the cause of problem. When the body is running out of something, the hair become thinner, drier, and brittler, therefore the deterioration of hair condition is a serious signal that points to health problems. With daily diet, containing different nutrients, we firstly supply the vital organs, but the hair get what is left over. For example, if we start some diet, and after a couple of months your hair starts to fall out, the diet should be stopped. In this case, products with proteins, vitamins, and minerals have to used in the diet.

Oily hair

Fast hair oiliness means that sebaceous glands in the scalp operate increasingly. This may be caused by stress, hormonal changes, and oily, hot, salty food. In order to reduce the overproduction of sebum, change your diet and special hair products. Choosing these products, take into account that products that normalize the function of sebaceous glands are products that contain birch juice, vegetable fats, as well as products that contain nettle, lemon balm, marigold, and sage. If you have greasy hair, wash your hair in lukewarm water, as hot water provokes increased activity of sebaceous glands. For hair rinsing use water with 10% vinegar (mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 1 litre of water).

Dry and damaged hair

Dry hair problems appear when sebaceous glands of scalp are inactive, and hair are running out of fats. As a result, they loose elasticity, become dim, and remind the straw. Also dry hair problems may be caused by many different factors of which the most common factor is colouring, bleaching, and perm. To solve this problem, do not use a hair-dryer at the hottest mode and do not hold them too close to your hair. Do not forget to use hair products with heat protection. Try to colour your hair with gentle colours, do not comb them when they are wet, and use hair masks for dry hair.

Thin or fine hair

The problem of thin or fine hair usually affects blondes, but in this case no panacea will help, as thin hair are inherited genetically. But when the hair begins to fall out, then it is a problem. When we notice that the hair on our heads are less than a couple of months ago, we have to analyse events before 3 months. If at that time you were on a diet, you were sick, or you had severe stress, you will understand what is the cause of your hair problems. If increased hair loss is prolonged, you should visit a trichologist to find out the cause of hair loss and to initiate a treatment.

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