How to Grow a Beard at the Age of 17?

How to Grow a Beard even if you're just 17

How to Grow a Beard at the Age of 17?

The teenage years are stressful for most of us, boys and girls alike. And while we all have different demons to tackle, growing your first beard or your first mustache is one of the more stressful parts of any teenage schoolboy’s life. Having your teen facial hair out in display where you can’t hide it from those around you with clothes or makeup can be an outright nightmare if it doesn’t look “good” and that’s why a lot of teenagers simply start shaving.

What if we tell you that there are easy ways for how to grow a beard at 17, however? Or, even before that. Sure, it won’t happen overnight, and it will always look silly at first – there’s no going around that. But even if you’re not the most testosterone-filled “stud” on the yard, there are still plenty of things you can do to help your facial hair.

And besides, why worry? However your facial hair looks in your teen years, it’ll always be completely normal – don’t let anyone mock you for something as trivial as a spotting chin beard or sparse teenage mustache – that’s how even the manliest of beards start.

Take your vitamins

Are you still annoyed when your parents tell you to eat your vegetables or to have fruits for breakfast? Well, fruits and veggies are not just good for your overall and long-term health, they are also great for stimulating hair growth. Even if you are radiating testosterone, if your skin doesn’t acquire enough of it from your blood flow, your beard won’t grow well. And what makes your skin and hair follicles benefit from the testosterone in your system is keratin, the production of which is very closely related to the number of vitamins and minerals in your body.

Don’t forget the proteins

Meat, eggs, nuts, beans, and lentils are a must in any teenage boy’s diet, especially if you want to stimulate your hair growth. Proteins stimulate the amount of testosterone in the body which is vital for facial hair growth. All in all – aim for a good and balanced diet.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

This may sound silly, but being properly hydrated at all times is one of the best things you can do for most organs in your body, including your skin. A well-hydrated skin is a soft and fertile skin that grows hair very quickly and easily. In addition to making sure that you drink a lot of liquids (and no alcohol as it actually has a dehydrating effect), it’s also a good idea to moisturize your skin externally. A good moisturizer will soften your skin and stimulate your hair follicles in a great way. We recommend eucalyptus moisturizers.

Clean your face every day

Most men and boys skip this first and vital tip because they don’t care much about their skin. Good skin health is crucial for hair growth, however, as it opens up your skin pores and hair follicles, allowing the hair to grow more quickly and thicker. You can just use warm water and a good, mild soap that’s safe for face washing. Or, alternatively, you can use a face cleansing gel.

Exfoliation is the name of the game

Washing your face every day is a great first step but to make sure that your beard grows as well as possible, it’s also smart to exfoliate as there will likely still be a layer of dead skin cells blocking your hair follicles. Using a good exfoliation scrub two or three times per week, or even daily, can be very effective during most teenage beard growth stages. Make sure to choose the exfoliation scrub you’re going to use carefully, however – it has to be meant for men (and by extension – boys) specifically and it has to be suitable for your skin type. There are different types of exfoliation scrubs designed for oily, dry or sensitive skin, as well as combinations of the three.

Reduce the stress as much as possible

Yes, we know – it’s easier said than done. Stress is the main problem in most people’s life, teenagers included. Plus, intense stress has a lot of health-related consequences that are much direr than the question of how to grow a beard faster for teenager. Nevertheless, we’re here to talk about beards, so – if you find that you have too much stress in your life right now and you want to grow a nice set of facial hair, reducing the stress should be your main priority.

Massages help as well

A free and easier to follow tip that doesn’t require any commercial products is giving yourself facial massages once or twice per day. This is another tip that may sound silly at first, but doing it will improve the blood circulation in your face and in turn – stimulate hair growth. Just perform light finger massages on most parts of your face with light, circular motions. It’s easy to make this into a habit by doing it at a certain time of the day like just before going to bed or early in the morning.

In conclusion, a lot of the tips for growing a beard as a teenager aren’t too different from the general beard growth tips one can give a grown man. However, they are arguably much more important in the teenage stages of beard growth as you’ll likely want to achieve a “good beard” as quickly as possible.

However the time it takes, however, remember not to stress over it too much – it’s all normal. Besides, as we already mentioned – the stress doesn’t help.

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