The Oily Hair – How to Treat?

The Oily Hair – How to Treat?

There is a widespread opinion that the reason of oily hair is oily scalp, but often it is completely opposite – also dry scalp may encourage an excessive production of fats, which moves from the scalp on the hair. So, in order to solve the problem of oily hair, we should take care of a dry scalp. See 10 tips, which will help you to treat your oily hair correctly.

  • Wash your hair with gentle shampoo that is meant for greasy hair, dry scalp or babies;
  • If you have greasy hair and dry scalp, wash your hair every day, but use a shampoo on the hair to liquidate the fat surpluses, not the scalp, as a shampoo may dry it out more;
  • Always carefully rinse your hair with cool or tepid water because shampoo surpluses can worsen the look of oily hair;
  • Massage a hot oil in the scalp and then carefully wash your hair;
  • If your hair become oily quickly, do not use a conditioner or use it only for your hair ends;
  • Oily hair shines naturally, therefore try to avoid shiny gels or other hair care products that gives a sheen;
  • Very oily hair can be treated with rinsing, using the mix of vinegar and water (1:4), which will liquidate the fat from the hair, but it is important to avoid the washing of scalp with this mix;
  • You can also replace a vinegar with the lemon juice, getting more pleasant aroma;
  • Do not comb your hair frequently, as a combing may encourage the production of fats from the scalp;
  • Do not rub and scrape your scalp, as the irritation may cause even bigger oiliness;
  • A shampoo that contains an oil of tea tree can make dry scalp gentler if it is the main reason of oiliness. Since healthy diet is useful for hair, you can also treat your dry scalp, eating balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.

If you will use these tips practically, your hair condition should improve very quickly, but in order to feel the results in long term, you need to treat your hair correctly for several weeks.


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