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How to Get a Close Shave with Razor

Ever attempted trying to shave off your facial hairs with a razor? Well, almost everyone has at some point. The average man has about 25,000 facial hairs and each has a tensile strength similar to that of copper wire. Yes, those hairs are quite tough. This could account for the clumsiness experienced by a few people trying to shave theirs. Although shaving technology has seen lots of improvements over the years with the invention of electric shavers, clippers, and several others, men are still unable to perform this act without leaving one or two tissues with cuts. There are safe…

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Best Beard Trimmers

Many men go through life with a very similar problem. This problem is one that pops up in their teen years and goes on throughout their life. Shaving, it’s something every male goes through and it can be one of the most irritating things to deal with when you have to get up in the morning for a business meeting. If you’re one of those men who need to take care of a long beard or you have to keep a clean shave for your job, then you probably find yourself frustrated daily with your razors. This list is put…

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