How to Treat Greasy Hair?

How to Treat Greasy Hair?

What are the reasons of greasy hair:

  • hair products containing oils and nutrients;
  • applying of conditioner on hair roots;
  • hair rubbing with towel after washing, especially if they are brittle;
  • prolonged blow-drying with hair-dryer and styling with electric appliances, as heat provokes activity of sebaceous glands;
  • too frequent combing, brushing, and massage;
  • spicy, oily, and sweet diet.

Seeing person’s hair, we can evaluate not only its attitude to itself, but also its health condition. Often greasy and sintered hair causes a lot of problems, and then we have to pay more attention to them than usual. Sebaceous glands have extremely important role – they grease the skin to protect it from environmental effects, but sometimes these glands are too active, and then hair are sintered and look dirty 12 hours after washing. Such problem most often appears in 20 – 30 years of age, but can be actual for entire lifetime. Some people suffer from this problem in summers, but some – in winters, wearing hats.

Increased greasiness of skin and hair can be caused by different health problems, for example, hormonal changes in the body that stimulate the sebaceous glands, seborrhoeic dermatitis, psoriasis, poly-cystic ovarian disease when the body increasingly produces male hormones. However, the most common reason why the hair become greasy is washing with inappropriate shampoo, using too much shampoo, or insufficient rinsing, which irritates sebaceous glands. Also, the hair should not be washed with hot water and dried with a hair-dryer. Sometimes people foam a shampoo only at the ends, not washing the scalp – if there are dead skin cells, fat, and sweat on the scalp, the skin and the hair become dirty again.

If the hair are greasy because of physiological reasons, not because of some disease, it is recommended to use a shampoo that is meant for oily hair and does not contain irritating substances. Sebaceous glands perceive aggressive hair products, which clean the hair too intensively, as encouragement to work with the double capacity in order to restore the necessary condition.

Shampoos that are meant for oily hair usually contain alpha hydroxy acids, lipoproteins, various essential oils, vegetable protein extracts, different decoctions, coal tar, and other components that reduce the increased activity of sebaceous glands, improve blood flow to the scalp, stimulate hair nourishment and growth. It is recommended to change a shampoo time after time so that the scalp does not get used to it.

Washing greasy hair, wet the hair with warm water, pour a shampoo in your hand, foam it into your hair roots, and rinse them with cool water. Using a hair-dryer, it is not recommended to choose too high temperature. As often as possible dry your hair naturally. To discourage activity of sebaceous glands, greasy hair should be washed with gentle shampoo for frequent use. The less it foams, the better. Every 10 days you can perform a deeper cleaning with special masks and peelings, which normalize the activity of sebaceous glands and clean the scalp. Carefully follow directions on the labels of special products, as too much diligence may do more harm than good.


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