Best Beard Styles for Oval Face

Best Beard Styles for Oval Face

So, you’ve decided to grow a beard. Excellent decision! Or, at least, we hope so – every man’s facial hair grows in a different way and at a different speed. Not to mention that every man’s face is different as well. However, if you have an oval face shape, then growing a beard is most probably indeed a great idea. The reason for that is that pretty much all beard styles are the best beard styles for oval faces.

No, we’re not over exaggerating – men with oval faces are quite fortunate to have a facial shape that can accommodate a large variety of beard styles, whether it’s just a stubble, a bushy full beard, a goatee, or a long, wizard-like masterpiece of a beard.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can simply let your facial grow and expect excellence to just happen on its own – there’s still a lot of planning to be done before you find the right facial hair design for your particular face, as well as a lot of maintenance and care to get it to where you want it to be.

What are the best beard styles for oval face?

The right beard shape for oval face is chosen not based on the face’s shape but on its additional features. For example, what does your hair look like? What are your face’s key features such as your nose and your cheekbones? What are your eyes’ color and your eyebrows’ shape? Do you have more of a rustic look or a classic style? Are your lips thin or fuller?

There are a lot of considerations to be made before choosing the right facial hair for oval face, even though it’s generally easier than with other face shapes.

What are the additional factors you should consider?

So, how to find the best beard for an oval face? Here’s a quick list of the main questions you’d want to ask yourself before committing to any particular beard style.

Do you want to lengthen or extend your face?

If you’re a little overweight, chances are that you might want to lengthen your face by growing your beard long. If, on the other hand, you want to add some volume to your face, you can do that by keeping your beard short but wider on the sides. Either type of facial hair can work really well on an oval face as long as you style it well and maintain it in a good condition. Plus, of course, it needs to match with your overall look.

What overall look you’re going for?

This is usually the main question for all men, but even more so for those with oval faces. Where someone with a rectangular face doesn’t have much choice in what style he should go for as there only a couple of styles that really will fit his face’s shape well, those with oval-shaped faces need to dig a little further and carefully choose what’s the best style for them. Does your beard grow straight or curly? What does your hair look like?

If you have a smooth and shiny short hair, as well as straight-growing facial hair, then, maybe, a more classical short beard style is the right for you.

Alternatively, if you have a facial hair that grows curly and bushy, and if your head’s hair is, itself, curly and scruffy-looking, then it’s very likely that the more rustic look of a full beard is right for you.

And then, there are the various shorter styles such as the goatee, the mustache, or the stubble which are often excellent for both artistic people and businessmen alike.

What level of maintenance are you prepared to commit to?

When it comes to growing a beard, the question most men are not prepared for is how much work it’s going to take them. A lot of men grow their beards with the idea that it will save them time by not having to shave every day. And that’s true, to an extent, but only for some beard styles.

There are a lot of other types of beards that actually require a lot of maintenance – bi-daily trimmings, applying beard oils, wax or balms every day, as well as combing afterward. Not to mention that beards need to be more carefully washed than a naked face and then need conditioner just like our normal hair.

All this should factor into your decision of what type of beard you’re going to grow. If you don’t want to put in too much work, that’s fine – shorter styles can also be very effective visually and they typically require less work.

At what speed does your facial hair grow?

Growing a longer full beard can be quite the process if you’re facial hair grows slow. At the same time, maintaining a nice stubble is that much easier if it grows slowly as that means you’ll have to trim it less often.

Additionally, depending on how fast your beard grows you might want to consider the intermediate beard styles you’ll go for. These are the styles that you use while you’re transitioning to a full beard. Lastly, a lot of men grow more beard in certain parts of the face and less in others. For example, not all men grow a lot of beard under their lower lip which can be a deal-breaker for a full beard but can work with certain goatee sub-styles.

In conclusion

If you have a nice, oval shape to your face then you can count yourself lucky – a lot of men can’t grow the particular beard style they like not because of slower or more sparse facial hair growth but just because it’d look ridiculous on their faces. For oval-faced men, however, there are no such restrictions. Just pick a style that will fit your overall look and go for it!

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