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How to Trim a Beard With and Without Clippers?

Achieving the perfect beard trim is a great addition to any man’s outlook but it does have its tricks and tips. Whether you want to do it with or without clippers, trimming your beard is a skill that every man learns eventually, some faster than others. So, what do you need to know about trimming beard with clippers or not? Let’s go over the basics. The preparation To make the process of beard trimming as easy, effective, and quick as possible, the preparation is the first vital steps. Here are some things you probably don’t want to forget: Wash your…

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Should You Shave a Beard for a Job Interview?

The short and boring answer to this otherwise very important question is – “It depends”. We know that’s a rather unsatisfying answer, but it’s pretty accurate – it depends on the niche the job interview is for, it depends on the guidelines the specific firm does or doesn’t have, and it even depends on the personal preferences of the interviewer which can sway either way. In other words, to find the answer to the “Should I shave my beard for an interview?” question, you might need to do quite a bit of research. Gone are the simple old days where…

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Tips on How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster and Thicker

Growing a beard is something that a lot of men dread and absolutely refuse to attempt. A lot of them are usually convinced that it’s just in their genetics to be unable to grow a nice beard, while others view it as too much of a bother. Yet, there’s a lot of research and peer-reviewed psychological studies that suggest a lot of women prefer men with either a light stubble or a full-grown beard. And while there is also a large percentage of women who dislike all types of facial hear altogether, things seem to point over a “demand” of…

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