How to Detangle Your Hair?

Letting your hair long is a wonderful experience but it does require some know-how. From what products you need to use and how to keep your hair safe to seemingly simpler questions such as how to detangle hair knots without damaging your hair.

There are several good ways for how to detangle your hair and which one you’ll prefer will mostly depend on your type of hair.

Get your hair wet

Tangles are easiest to get rid of when your hair is damp as then it’s softer and more malleable. If you need to detangle long hair or particularly stubborn curly hair, doing so immediately after a shower is usually the way to go.

Start from the hair’s ends

When looking for ways how to get tangles out of hair without pain, it’s smart to go gradually from the ends toward the roots. If you try to detangle entire strands from the roots up, you’ll only cause yourself pain and entangle the knots even more.

Go one strand at a time

How to detangle hair that’s in particularly bad shape? One section at a time. Not only should you go from the ends toward the roots but it’s also a good idea to part your hair into individual sections and work on them separately.

Use a detangling spray for particularly bad situations

If your hair is in really bad shape or you’re just wondering how to get tangles out of kids’ hair without ruining your whole day, make sure you have a hair detangling spray at hand. These sprays are designed to give your hair some extra slip so you can work through those knots without causing damage or pain. It’s the equivalent of washing your hair with a conditioner but it’s something you can easily do on the go.

Be gentle

Whatever you decide to try, it’s important to be gentle. Going too rough on your hair will not only cause breakage and pain but it will also make the situation worse – entangled hair knots are one of those things that should not be forced.

How to prevent tangles in your hair?

Last but not least, if you find yourself having to detangle your hair too often, chances are you need to change the way you take care of your hair. Here are a few hair maintenance tips so that you don’t have that problem so often:

  • Opt for more nourishing and moisturizing hair products. If your hair gets entangled too much, it’s probably dry. Consider using hair care products with coconut or avocado oil, or other strong nourishing conditioners and oils.
  • Try a hair mask. Giving yourself a hair mask with shea butter or other hydrating and nourishing products once a week is a great way to keep your hair in a good condition.
  • Trim those split ends. Split ends are one of the most common cause for tangled hair. Taking a better care of your hair will reduce split ends but even then you’ll still need to trim them every once in a while.
  • Carefully separate and detangle your hair with your fingers or with a wide-tooth wooden comb after each shower. Do that every time before using a more narrow-tooth comb or don’t use the latter at all.
  • Keep your hair safe from physical damage throughout the day. If your hair gets entangled while you sleep or while you’re at work, chances are that you’re not keeping it out of harm’s way well enough.
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