How to Get Wavy Hair – a Full Guide for Men

How to Get Wavy Hair – a Full Guide for Men

No, the 80s hair metal isn’t coming back. However, men’s curly hair seems to be doing an independent resurgence. Instead of cutting their hair short or straightening it out, more and more men are looking for ways how to get wavy hair or how to protect their natural curls. Why that’s so, we can’t say – following the exact causes of fashion trends isn’t our goal here. Offering you a full guide for men on how to get curly hair for guys? Now, that’s more up our alley.

How to get curly hair men can effectively rock?

There are lots of ways for how to make straight hair curly but it’s also important to remember that there are no all-powerful solutions. If you have a naturally straight hair it will be tough to get some nice curls on it and you can’t expect to ever have something like an afro. If you’re determined enough, however, there are things you can do even with straight hair to give it a nice-looking set of curls. Here’s a quick list of tips and tricks:

Choose the right haircut

Different haircuts will work for different sets of hair. Generally, short and medium length haircuts are excellent for accenting any natural waves and curls you might have. Medium length hair is also long enough for heat curlers – you don’t need to have long hair for that. However, if your hair is naturally straight you will need some extra length to create faux curls. A style that’s short on the sides but long at the top is often preferred by a lot of men today.

Don’t wash your hair too excessively

Most shampoos tend to dry our hair which is not only bad in and of itself but can also be detrimental to your efforts to get a wavy hair. Washing your hair with shampoo should be done no more than twice per week if you want to enhance your natural curls or especially if you’re trying to curl out a straight set of hair.

Rinse your hair regularly

No, that’s not a contradiction. While you shouldn’t use shampoo too regularly, daily hair rinsing is very important. For one, they will help you keep your hair clean and fresh, but it will also keep your hair well-moisturized which is great for stimulating waves and curls.

Don’t hot air dry your hair

For the same reasons as above, don’t use a hot air drier on your hair. Yes, it’s very convenient, especially if you have longer hair, but it dehydrates your hair a lot which is both unhealthy for the hair as well as disastrous to your efforts to make it wavier.

Try a heat curler

Yes, they are typically marketed toward women but there’s nothing stopping you from using a heat curler – hair is hair, after all. Heat curlers are a good way to curl up a set of straight hair. Just be careful not to burn or damage your hair – always use a quality curler and follow its instructions to the letter. You can use small-gauge curlers overnight in your hair to tighten up the ringlets. Also, if you’re going to use a heat curler, use it after a shower – and after you’ve towel-dried your hair – for the best results.

Use straight to curly hair products

Of course, there are lots of products on the market that claim to help give straight hair excellent curls. Most of their marketing is grossly over-exaggerated but there are products that can help you in your efforts. Here are several suggestions:

  • Hair gels. There are lots of hair gel products sold out there and it’s obviously important to pick quality products. A good hair gel is pretty much a must-have if you want to get a nice curly hair so don’t skip it.
  • Argan oil. Using a pea-sized drop of argan oil once a week on a plastic comb can do wonders for your curls.
  • Sea salt spray. This spray will give your hair a lot of volume as well as stimulate the formation of beachy curls and waves.
  • Moroccan oil. Like argan oil, Moroccan oil can be used to a great effect to keep your hair healthy, moisturized, and nourished, thus stimulating the formation of curls and waves.
  • Olive oil and coconut oil. These two are also good food-based options. They give hair a light and silky look, and they make it more amenable to getting curly.
  • Tight-fitting bald-cap. This is a must-have product if you’re going to use any type of oil overnight.
  • Natural texturizer spray. This is another product that’s typically marketed to women only, however, it is excellent at stimulating one’s natural curls.
  • Curl-enhancing shampoo. Of course, if you are to try and get curls and waves, using a good curl-enhancing shampoo should also be one of the first things you do.

Brush your hair out before showering

Brushing your hair before a shower prevents matting and clumping. This gives your hair extra body and lightness after the shower, thus stimulating the formation of curls.

Try the 360 waves technique

A good method that, unfortunately, requires a lot of work and time, is the 360 waves technique. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Get a short buzz haircut.
  • Comb your hair with pomade and brush it hard after each shower. Do this for at least an hour each day – brush from the crown of your head down to the sides, the back, and the front.
  • Shower or bathe in the evening and wear a skull-cap or a do-rag while you sleep to preserve the moisture in your hair.
  • Doing this for several weeks will stimulate your hair to start growing in a wavy pattern.

Yes, it’s a very effort-requiring method. It was popularized in the early-to-mid 2000s by rappers like Nelly. Still, if you’re willing to put in the work you can achieve a very nice wavy look.

Consider getting a perm

IF all else fails, you can always try getting a professional permanent wave. This is a chemical treatment that’s best done by a professional stylist. It’s an extensive procedure but it’s generally safe if your hair is healthy and can give you beautiful curls for up to 6 months after the treatment.

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