How to Look Good with a Bald Head?

Whether you’ve started noticing your hairline getting thinner or you’re just thinking of experimenting with your look a little, if you’re here you’re likely considering going bald. Now, you might be wondering “What would I look like bald?” or “How to look good bald?” – we can’t really answer the former as that varies greatly from person to person, however, we can help you quite a bit in figuring out how to look good with a bad head.

Chances are you’ve seen all those hot bald men on TV or around office buildings and you’ve asked yourself “How would I look bald?” The answer to that has a little to do with your genetics and a lot to do with how you take care of yourself and your look. So, here are our 9 tips for how you too can become one of those good looking bald men.

Stubble or completely bald?

Some people would recommend that you shave your head cleanly, others recommend leaving a bit of stubble. Our advice would be to try both looks and to see which works best for you. Here are some general guidelines:

  • If you have a receding hairline the stubble will make it quite obvious and likely make you look older.
  • If you have a round face the stubble can help make your face more accented and more easily distinguishable from the rest of your head.
  • If your hair has started going grey or white, you’ll likely not want to leave a stubble.
  • If your skin is too pale, a short stubble can make for a better look.
  • If you want to grow a beard, a clean-shaven head will likely be the way to go.

Head polish or not?

Assuming that you’ve decided to shave your head cleanly, the next question is whether you should use head polish to make it shiny or not. The answer here is also quite subjective – some people can pull it off, others can’t. Head polish usually looks quite well on darker-skinned men but some paler guys can pull it off as well. Again – experiment and check out which suits you better.

Moisturize your scalp regularly

Whichever of the two options above you’ve chosen, it’s very important to take proper care of your scalp. Keeping it moisturized and well-nourished is vital if you intend to shave it frequently as the simple act of shaving can take a lot out of one’s skin.

Consider getting a tan

It’s a truth that’s uncomfortable for a lot of white guys, but it’s a truth nonetheless – the bald head look tends to look better on darker-skinned men. This doesn’t mean that it will not look well on you if you’re as white as a glass of milk – it may still look quite nice. But it seems to look even better the darker your skin is. This isn’t to say that you need to be an African-American to look well with a shaven head, but it does make tanning a good choice for most bald men.

Beware the sun

While a bit of tan can often help, getting your scalp burned like a bright red tomato is usually a bad thing. And, unfortunately, it’s also very easy when you shave your head. Still, that’s an annoying problem but it’s one you can easily circumvent by using sun cream on your scalp. Yes, it can take a while to turn that into a stable habit and it’s irritating that you’ll have to do that quite often, but it is something that needs to be done, especially if you burn easily.

Also, keep in mind that this isn’t just a cosmetic problem – we’re not just talking about a mild sunburn, sun spots, or freckles – too much sun exposure on an unprotected scalp can easily lead to serious skin problems such as basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, and others.

Lose weight and tone your body

Yes, in most of our articles we mention how getting fit is a great thing to do, whether it’s for growing a nice beard, growing a nice set of hair, or – in this case – going bald. We’re not doing that only because we want you to be healthy and in a good shape – we’re also mentioning it because it does help for the topic at hand as well.

While being fit and in a good shape won’t make your scalp easier to shave or look better in and of itself, it does do a lot to the overall look of bald men. The reason for that is quite simple – where long hair or a bushy beard can help hide certain body imperfections, going bald can accent them a great deal. This can often result in a look that feels unkempt, tired of life and immature at the same time, as well as overall unappealing

Instead, if you get fitter you’ll give off a look of a serious man who knows how to take care of himself, who’s in control, and who looks the way he does because he wants to, not just because he started going bald.

Consider growing a beard

If you want to go bold then definitely consider the “shaved head with a beard” look as well. It doesn’t look great on everyone, and even when it does – not everybody likes it. However, when it works it can look stunning, authoritative, and commanding respect. So, if you think that look might work well for both you and those around you – we wholeheartedly recommend that you give it a try.

Your clothing and accessories are important as well

The bald look really isn’t something that works well with just jeans and a plain t-shirt. That’s because it can very easily make you look either immature or too old. Plus, it can leave off the impression that you’re bald out of necessity and not out of choice. Instead, a nice suit, a good-looking shirt, and even something like stylish sunglasses, can make you look strong, willful, and assertive.

Confidence is key

For a lot of men going bald is a huge hit on their confidence. However, as we showed above, it can actually make for a great look. The irony here, however, is that for the bald look to work and to give you the confidence you seek, you need the confidence to pull it off. Yes, it can be a bit of a Catch 22 scenario. However, the difference between an insecure bald man and one that’s brimming with confidence is simply huge. So, if you want to look good with a bald head, we’d definitely recommend working on your confidence as well.

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