How to Protect Your Hair While at the Beach

Summer is fast approaching and everyone is gearing up for one of the nicest time of the year. Pools are being cleaned, beachfront restaurants and resorts are preparing for one of the busiest times of the year and you are getting set to show off your summer-ready body.

But in all these, have you ever paused to wonder about your hair? Sounds somewhat startling, wondering about your hair, doesn’t it? But you should know that, as much as your body needs proper care from excess sun and water, your hair does, too. If you want to keep luxurious tresses, then it is important to become aware that there are grave consequences to not protecting your hair from all that sun and salt water.

Therefore, if you are planning to spend a lot of time at the beach this summer, below are some tips on how to keep your hair protected, just as much as that sunscreen is protecting your skin:

Comb your hair thoroughly

Do not go out into the sun or take a dive if your hair is tangled. Water and tangles do not go well together. Even with a simple shower, your hair would tell a sad tale if you do not detangle it before water touches it. The sun does not deal mercifully with it, either. You may not know this but the heat would dry up every moisture in your hair and make it very difficult to comb out. So do yourself this favor before heading out to the beach.

Moisturize your hair deeply

Some people would advise that you use a deep conditioner while others would say use a hairspray with sunscreen. They are both effective. What they do is keep your hair hydrated all through your stay under the sun. But before you deep-condition or use a hairspray, be sure to get your hair wet with clean fresh water without any treatment. Your hair follicles would absorb the healthy water and leave no space for the salty water at the beach.

If you decide to go with a spray with sunscreen, it would keep your hair covered from destructive ultraviolet rays from the sun, just as your usual sunscreen does for your skin. No matter what happens, it would keep your hair shiny, smooth and soft.

Get your hair braided

Another great tip to protecting your hair while at the beachfront is getting it in a braid. Leaving it flying in the wind and in your face is alluring but you would not think so much of it if you jump into the water with it all blowing about. Wind knots hair and knotted hair would be difficult to unknot when it is wet. So the best thing to do if you are going to take a swim and not just soak up the sun, is to braid it while it is all moist, hydrated and smooth. That way, even if you do swim, you would not have a hard time loosening it and combing it out later.

Wash it with fresh water after swimming

Almost everyone knows to take a shower after having a dip in the ocean so as to eliminate any damage from the salt that clings to the skin. Not many people, though, give their hair a thorough scrub to get the salt out, too. The ones that scrub do not use shampoo. They just rinse lightly with water and are done with it. Salt clogs the pores and eats away at it while sucking out the nutrients. Hair is that fragile. So if you take a swim in the ocean, make sure you wash your hair with fresh water and shampoo.

Use an after-sun type of conditioner after shampooing

After shampooing your hair and rinsing it thoroughly with fresh water, use an after-sun type of conditioner. This is to effectively erase any residue from the sun that may damage it over time. You can carry it for about 10 to 15 minutes before you wash it out. If you do not find this special type of conditioner, any deep conditioner would work. And after you have rinsed it, let it dry naturally. It is healthier for your hair than using a dryer.

Spray your hair with an oil-based spray

Moisturizing is one thing, oiling is another. You do not have to pour a bucket of oil on it but you could use a spray with some oil in it. Coconut and castor oils would work great after putting your hair through the sun and salt. Even if you do not get into the water, the sprays from the water and of course, the sun would have an effect on you. So you still have to wash, condition and spray your hair to avoid damage.

Scale down on highlighting your hair

Chemicals begin to tell on anything they are used on over time, no matter how little the doses have been. The same goes for using highlights. Combined with the force of the sun rays and salt water, your hair would suffer. It does not mean you should have a little sass with hair color but constant exposure to harmful rays is not healthy for it. If you are an avid beach goer, it would be better to just let your hair be naturally lightened by the sun. Little else is lovelier than that. Do not worry that protecting your hair with a sunscreen spray would prevent the sun from having a positive effect on it. The sunscreen protects your hair from damage but not from being sun-kissed.

Put on a hat

Not only does a hat protect your skin from burns, it also keeps your hair from drying out. If you are not planning to swim but to get a tan, you could use a hat to save your hair from some damage. You do not have to be clothed fully to wear one; hats tend to go with almost every outfit. Just keep one close to you because you may need it.

Drink lots of water

The best thing you can do for your body, your skin and your hair is to always be hydrated, especially during the summer. And if you have made plans to get a tan or swim a lot this coming summer, water should be your best friend. It would keep your hair roots well fed and your skin would not be patched. You could use all the recommended steps but none is as important as drinking water regularly. It works from the inside to the outside.

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