How to Remove Nose Hair?

Nose hair removal can be a huge annoyance but when you feel that it needs to be done – it needs to be done. This isn’t to say that nose hair is something problematic per se – it’s perfectly normal and many people accept it and ignore it. However, it’s also fine to want to remove the more visible parts of your nose hair that stick out.

There are lots of ways to try and remove your protruding nose hair but not all of them are especially good. In fact, we’d only really recommend two ways to remove nose hair and we’d advise against the rest.

Nose hair trimmers

If you want to know how to remove nose hair at home, nose hair trimmers really are the way to do it. Specialized nose hair trimmers can be either electronic or manual but in either case, they have a special cylindrical shape with rounded corners so that they don’t hurt the sensitive inner walls of your nose.

This isn’t to say that you can’t cut your nose with them, but it’s much less likely, especially if you’re careful – it’s the easiest way to remove nose hair safely at home. Just blow and clean your nose first, use a mirror, tilt your hair back to improve the visibility, trim carefully and not too deep, and blow your nose afterward to remove the trimmed hairs.

Laser nose hair removal

The best way to remove nose hair permanently is with laser nose hair removal procedures. Keep in mind, however, that these can be quite costly and aren’t covered by health insurance. Furthermore, you’d usually need around six procedures for the effect to be permanent.

As for the procedures themselves, laser hair removal is very simple and safe – all it includes is a high-power precision laser that targets and burns the individual hairs you want removed. When done correctly, the procedure is 100% safe for you and your nose.

Methods to avoid

The two ways above really are the only safe ways to remove nose hair without pain. There are other methods that people use too, however, and you might even hear some of them recommended to you.


A simple way to remove nose hair, plucking is quite painful. What’s more, it can also easily lead to infections or ingrown hairs down the line. All in all – it’s unpleasant in the short-term and risky in the long-term.


All that can be said about plucking can be said about waxing, only it’s a bit more complicated to do. Waxing hurts a lot and poses just as many risks of infections and ingrown hairs as plucking.

Nail scissors or other pointed scissors

Don’t try it. We know it looks simple and tempting to just quickly trim your nose hairs with nail clippers but even one wrong move can lead to lots of pain and blood. If you absolutely have to trim some of your nose hair this way, make sure that you just trim the outside of your nose and don’t stick the pointy ends of the scissors in your nose.

Hair removal cream

This method looks simple but it carries a huge risk of burning the inside of your nose with it. The mucous membranes of our noses are very sensitive and are easily hurt by this method. Not to mention that hair removal creams can also produce relatively toxic fumes that you don’t want to inhale.

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