How to Make Synthetic Hair Soft Again?

How to Make Synthetic Hair Soft Again?

Wigs are a glorious invention that has brought a lot of fun and comfort to a lot of people. One major problem with them is that they can go to waste after a while – they tend to get stiff, deformed, entangled, and just unusable, especially when they are synthetic.

So, if you don’t want to constantly have to throw away your wigs and buy new ones, it’s important not only to know how to maintain them but to also know how to soften synthetic hair.

The process for how to make synthetic hair soft again involves several different steps:

Brush out the matted hair

To do this, simply place the wig on its wig stand and slowly and patiently start brushing the visibly matted spots. Do this in small sections from the bottom up.

Cleans away any hair stiffness

The next step is to fix any hair stiffness from the wig. To do this you need to wash your wig well – a simple, mild soap will do as synthetic wigs don’t typically require specialized shampoos. Just fill your sink with lukewarm water, carefully place the wig in it and apply the soap. Gently push your wig up and down and around the water. Don’t run your fingers through the wet hair too much as you’ll risk pulling them off or damaging them – just make sure that the soapy water gets everywhere.

After that, carefully remove the wig, drain the water, and refill the sink with cold, clean water. Rinse the wig in it the same way. Remove the wig again and gently squeeze the water off of it. Then, just place the wig on a towel and allow the remaining water to drip out of it.

Soften the wig

For the final step, place the wig on its wig stand and carefully clip almost all of it – only leave the very back bottom unclipped. Then, carefully brush the wig section by section. It’s important that the wig is dry at this point as you don’t want to brush a wet wig. Next, get a hairdryer, set it to a medium or low setting even if the wig is heat-resistant, and start drying the wig one section at a time. To do this, place the brush underneath each section, lift it up, and apply the dryer on top of it.

Work slowly and do this for the entire wig. If there are areas of the wig that still seem stiff, apply more heat with the dryer and work it out with the round brush.

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