Men’s Haircuts

  • Bald means bald scalp, therefore, in this case all of the hair which is on the scalp is removed with a razor. This haircut is perfect for those men who are athletes or are naturally loosing their hair, becoming bald.

  • Bangs are a haircut where one section of hair falls over the forehead. This section of hair can be combed down over the forehead or brushed to the side or back.

  • Blocked nape is created with method which is called blocking – visible line is created with clippers at the nape. Blocked nape is common type of finishing the neck line.

  • Bowl cut or, sometimes called, undercut was common in the depression era, because it was the haircut which was easy to do at home. To create this haircut a bowl was placed on the head and all of hair which was below the bowl was removed.

  • Brush cut is created by cutting sides and the back at the same length. The top and sides are cut about ¼ to ½ inch over the top, following the contour of the head. Brush cut resembles bristles of a brush.

  • Burr is when the hair over the entire head is cut in one length, but usually it is about 1/8 inches or shorter. This haircut is perfectly suitable for new military recruits and for those who want no-maintenance haircut.

  • Business man’s cut is the most popular haircut among working professionals which need to look conservative. This haircut features slight taper sides and longer back and top to part and comb them to the side.

  • Butch is a short version of the basic crewcut where the hair is left no longer than ¼ inches on the top and neatly trimmed around the back of the head and the ears.

  • Buzzcut is a haircut which is done entirely with clippers.

  • Caesar is a haircut which is made popular by Julius Caesar. This is a semi-short haircut where the hair is layered to 1 to 3 inches on the top and brushed forward, leaving short bangs at the front of the forehead. This haircut is suitable for those who needs to hide a receding hairline.

  • Classic taper features longer hair on the top of the head which gradually tapers down to 1/8 inches around the neck and ears.

  • Crewcut, sometimes called brush cut or short pomp, is characterized by short hair on the back and sides, as well as the hair on the top graduated in length from the front of the hairline to the back of the crown.

  • Fade means aggressively tight taper where the hair at the back and sides is cut as close as possible with clippers and fades into hair length on top.

  • Faux hawk is a basic tapered haircut where the hair is styles into a point at the center of the head. This haircut can be worn like this or be styled for more conservative look.

  • Flattop is a haircut where the back and sides are cut similar to a crewcut, but the hair on top is with emphasis on flatness, as well as the hair at sides of the top are cut angular.

  • Graduation is a haircut where the hair on the top is left longer to comb it, but it gradually tapers down close around to the neck and ears.

  • High and tight is very popular haircut among US marines, army rangers, as well as athletes. The hair is cut high and tight on the back and sides. In case of this haircut the top is usually crewcut length, but it may be blended with sides or left with a line between sides and the top. The back and sides are usually shaved with a straight razor.

  • Ivy league which is also known as princeton is characterized by very clean-cut style. To create an ivy league haircut the hair is cut very short all over, but it gradually gets slightly longer in the front of the head. It is important to left enough hair on the top to part and comb it neatly. This haircut conforms to the shape of the head and it is known with its neatness.

  • Layer cut is performed entirely with shears, cutting the hair in uniform layers all over the head.

  • Mullet is popular haircut among soccer players and country music singers. This haircut is characterized by short hair on the top and sides and long hair in the back.

  • Pompadour is longer version of classic tapered haircut where the hair is brushed back and secured with pomade.

  • Shag is a long layer cut which is cut, using a razor to give the hair a shaggy appearance.

  • Tapered nape means the hair at the back of the neck which is graduated to minimal length, leaving an exposed, naturally looking hairline. Tapered nape gives the haircut a fresher look longer than, for example, blocked nape.

  • Texture is added to the hair by cutting ends, using a shear point technique, thinning shears or razor.

  • Temple fade or, in other words, Brooklyn fade, low fade or blow out means very low bald fade where the hair from the temple is cut and dips low in the back. Then the hair is quickly, but smoothly tapering into longer hair on the top of the head.

  • Tramlines or, in other words, channeling are a simple form of channeling where lines are created in the hair, using an electric trimmer.

  • Whitewall is a tapered of faded haircut where the back and sides are maximally exposed, exposing extremely white skin after the haircut.

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