The Main Reasons Why Growing a Beard Hurts

The Main Reasons Why Growing a Beard Hurts

Most men who’ve tried growing a beard once or twice in their lives have had to wonder “Why does my beard hurt?” This question usually goes unanswered as most men simply choose to proclaim beards as “too uncomfortable” and shave, thus solving the problem quite radically. Is there a better way, however? A simple itchy beard remedy or solution that will let you keep your bushy, handsome beard intact while removing all itching and pain?

Without trying to force any specific products on you, let’s go over the main reasons why growing a beard hurts and what can you do to stop it.

What causes painful and itchy beard?

There are multiple reasons why your beard might itch or be painful. Some of them may involve certain problematic medical conditions and skin diseases which are, of course, always unpleasant. These fall in the realm of dermatologists, however, and they are typically unrelated to your beard so we won’t cover them here. If you suspect that you might have a certain problematic skin condition, contact a medical professional immediately.

Instead, we’ll go over the possible causes and reasons for beard itches that have to do with the act of growing and maintaining a beard, and that are both common and treatable with various simple products, tips, and tricks. So, let’s take a look at what’s going on with and underneath your beard:

  • Dry skin under the beard. Having irritated skin under the beard is the most common and most easily avoidable cause for beard itches. It may be that you have dry skin in general, in which case you’ll have to take measures about it anyway. Alternatively, dry skin may be caused by improper care such as using overly toxic and strong shampoos. If you have dry skin under your beard then don’t jump too hastily blaming the beard as that’s rarely its fault.
  • Seasonal dryness. An additional point to the one above, keep in mind that a lot of people can experience seasonal skin dryness. It can be caused by both cold and wintry air, as well as indoor overheating. If you’ve recently changed your environments to any of the above, you can expect your skin to become even drier than usual.
  • You’re growing a new beard. Of course, we have to acknowledge that a newly grown beard can itch – and usually does – even without any specific cause other than the fact that it’s growing. This is perfectly normal and passes rather quickly, yet a lot of men view this as a sufficient reason to give up their beard-growing efforts entirely. If this phase of the growth of a beard bothers you too much you can try to mitigate the annoyance by using a beard shampoo and keeping your skin clean of build-up.
  • Skipping the beard oil. This is a very common mistake that a lot of men make – they simply assume that beard oils are unnecessary and they choose to grow their beard “naturally”. After all, men have grown a beard without beard oil for millennia, right? Right – and their beards have been itching in the process. Good beard oil will moisturize your skin and beard hairs, it will make them softer, it will remove and prevent all itching, and it will make your beard much more pleasant to the touch.
  • Oil and other debris building up in your beard. Speaking of oils, another common problem is the build-up of oils, debris, and other unwanted materials in your beard and on your skin. The reason for this problem is very simple – insufficient cleaning. To avoid it, just make sure that you shower more frequently and that you use a good beard shampoo instead of a regular shampoo or body wash.
  • In-growing facial hair. Next on our list is the problem of ingrown facial hairs. This is a common problem, especially when you’re just starting to grow a beard. It can be accidental or it can be because of poorly maintained and cleaned skin. Either way, it’s best to remove ingrown hairs with a pair of tweezers and to keep your skin and clean as possible to avoid them.
  • Having beard dandruff. Yes, beards can have dandruff too. It’s an unfortunate problem that needs to be addressed quickly and adequately when it occurs. It can either be the cause of dry skin, oil and debris build-up, or of a more serious condition such as seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Not trimming and brushing your beard regularly. Trimming your beard isn’t done just to make it look good, it’s also important for its overall health and feel. Not trimming and brushing your beard well enough can cause hairs to tangle with each other, patches to form, skin irritations to occur, and so on.
  • Washing your beard with hot water. A lot of people love showering with hot water, but, as pleasant as that is, it has the side effect of drying your skin. If you don’t have dry skin that might not be too big of a problem, but people with dry skin should avoid hot water showers altogether.
  • Drying your beard with a high-heat hair drier. Facial hair can break very easily under intensive heat which is why it’s very important to avoid using flat irons, high-heat hair driers or curling irons on facial hair.

How to avoid and stop beard itch?

Given everything we’ve covered above, the ways to avoid and stop beard itches is quite simply – don’t make the mistakes that cause it. Always keep your skin and beard clean, using a high-quality beard shampoo, always make sure that your facial hair and skin are properly moisturized and softened with beard oil, and make sure that you avoid all other possible causes of beard and skin itches.

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