Tips for Buying Hair Cutting Shears

Tips for Buying Hair Cutting Shears

It is not a secret that shears are the most important tool of every hairdresser, therefore, it is significant to buy hair cutting shears which are qualitative, long-lasting and suitable for barber’s individual needs and wants. To find out, how to orient in shears market, without loosing common sense, read the article below.

It is clear that we pay for many different thing while buying hair shears – we pay for design, material, functionality, labor inputs and many other factors. There are manufacturers which focus only on design, leaving functionality and durability in the second plan. Buying shears like these you get only modern and stylish shears, but you have to take into account, that they can disappoint you with bad performance, comfort and quality. Some other manufacturers focus only on quality and durability of the material, totally forgetting about their visual appearance. Buying shears from manufacturers like these you get high quality shears with crappy design – while looking on them, you can see that none of their budget was wasted on putting of some design elements or making them good-looking.designed hair shears

simple hair shears

To find out which manufacturer to prefer, look at what they focus on in their lower end shears – if their lower end shears are qualitative, higher-end shears will be qualitative as well, and if their lower end shears have stylish design, higher-end shears will be stylish as well. This comparing method is very useful in cases where you cannot choose between two manufacturers – if lower end shears have poor quality, it is unlikely that higher end shears will have high quality. Never believe that a manufacturer would make average shears and then at a certain point would start making excellent shears! And it is not recommended to spend a lot of money for high-end shears from the manufacturer which produces lower end shears at all.

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You should pay attention to the steel which is used in the manufacturing of eyed hair cutting shears because the hardness and thus durability depend on the steel. It should be mentioned, that 440C is the bare minimum steel for good hair shears (440A is worse of it and 420 is worse of 440A steel), therefore, we can say that shears which are made of 440C steel are the lowest end shears. Shears which are made of different alloys, for example, molybdenum alloy or cobalt have a bit higher quality.

You have to know that titanium coatings are often used on cheap shears to give them a colorful and stylish look, thereby selling them in bigger amounts. Coverage of titanium is how they get these colorful, rainbow looking shears.

titanium shears

Hardness depends not only on used material but also on Rockwell scale – a hardness scale which is based on indentation hardness of a material. A Rockwell hardness of 55 – 56 is about average – every shears have to be hard enough to hold an edge, but also soft enough not to be brittle. Shears with hardness below 55 are too soft, but shears over 60 are very brittle. Softer metal edges are finer, but last shorter time, harder metal edges last a longer time but are duller. Everyone has to know, that thinner blades are more suitable for thin sections and wet cutting, but heavier blades, namely, wider, flatter and more massive blades are more suitable for large sections and dry cutting.

Many manufacturers accent that their shears are forged, but there is no need to accent that, because nowadays all shears, regardless of the manufacturer, are forged, not cast. Accenting this fact, manufacturers just try to evoke associations with an old sword forging which was performed with a hammer in ancient times. As we all know, nowadays everything which is handcrafted is very popular and demanded. If the manufacturer uses this aspect as their primary selling point, they just do not have anything else to offer. Another thing which is unnecessarily accented is convex edge – there are many different edges, and the convex edge is one of them, furthermore, nowadays convex edge blades have become the standard.

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Other elements of shears that fall in or around the gimmick border should not be a big consideration to what shears you buy.

If you do a lot of precision cutting and fine details, you should choose shorter and more dainty shears which are made of lower hardness steel. If you make great cuts, you should buy longer and harder hair shears. If your priority is design and visual appearance, you can choose shears which are titanium coated or adorned with some jewels.

We cannot forget that sometimes there are shears which are not good-looking and the steel and craftsmanship is not as good as other shears, but they are very comfortable to use and perfectly suitable for your needs and wants.

If you are taking your first steps in hairdressing and looking for your first pair of shears, do not follow the advice about the cheapest hair shears for beginners, but choose the best quality shears that you can afford, because it is going to take the time for you to develop the taste for how shears feel – it is important to have something you know is good and right.

  • Simon Brooks Reply

    Thanks for the great advice, my wife loves to cut our family’s hair whenever she can get the chance, so I’ve been thinking about getting her a new pair of shears as a gift. However, I had no idea that so much consideration had to be put into picking out a pair, especially with what kind of steel they’ve been made of. I suppose that does make sense though, if you want to get a good cut that doesn’t leave any damaged ends, you’d want the scissors to be made from some high quality metal.

  • Kacey Reply

    Thank you for writing this informative article.

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