How to Do a Weave Ponytail With Short Hair?

Ponytails are and always have been a visually captivating hairstyle. They weren’t always popular for formal events but even that’s changed in recent years with various celebrities parading the red carpet with long, luscious, yet easy-to-prepare ponytails.

But what do you do if you have short hair? The obvious answer is – grow it out. That can take years, however, which is where weave ponytails come in.

What is a weave ponytail and why use it?

Weave ponytails are exactly what they sound like – weaves from either human or synthetic hair that can be worn as ponytails. They are not just wefts to attach to your ponytail, the entire weave is a ponytail that you attach to your hair.

Typically, your own hair won’t even be tied in a ponytail but rather in a bun. Then, you’d just pin the weave securely to the bun and tie a strand of the weave around the bun to conceal it. With the right styling and if the weave matches your hair, the combination can be both seamless and stunning. This can be a bit harder to do with shorter hair so we’ll go over how to put a fake ponytail in short hair below.

As to why you might want to give weave ponytails a try, there are many different reasons:

  • A good weave ponytail can give you the perfect ponytail style.
  • Very easy maintenance. Yes, you’d have to wash and condition your weave from time to time but that’s very easy to do.
  • Quick and easy to attach once you get the hang of it.
  • Gives you the freedom to drastically change your style from day to day.
  • You can have a long and gorgeous hair before waiting years for yours to grow that long.

How to do a weave ponytail with short hair?

The basic steps to using a ponytail weave are simple enough:

  1. Wash, condition, dry, and comb your hair.
  2. Shape your hair into a neat bun. Make sure there are no loose hairs anywhere and the bun is placed exactly where you want the ponytail to be.
  3. Clip the weave ponytail onto the bun securely. A simple elastic band can help you do that.
  4. Wrap a strand of the ponytail around the bun to conceal it.

All that’s easy, however, it doesn’t address the question of how to put extensions in a ponytail with short hair.

Or, it actually does as the process is exactly the same but we some extra tricks. However long or short your hair is, it needs to be at least long enough to tie into a bun. If your hair’s even shorter than that, you’ll need to grow it out at least a bit more. And if the bun is very small because of how short your hair is, that’s not a problem – a smaller bun will be easier to conceal.

Just remember that the bun has to be secure and tight so it doesn’t slip up whatever you’re doing. Here are a few tips for short hair weave ponytails:

  • Use a styling gel on your hair to make sure it doesn’t slip away from the bun.
  • Wrap the “covering” strand of the weave as closely to the base of the bun as possible.
  • Use hair pins to help keep your hair in place.
  • Let your hair dry from the gel before going out.
  • Use some hairspray too once your hair is dry to further help keep it from slipping.
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