What Does Blue Hair Mean?

What Does Blue Hair Mean?

Have you always had the sneaking thought of dying your hair blue one day? Or maybe you’ve recently seen a girl with dark blue hair on the street and you’ve started thinking about it. Wondering “What does blue hair mean?” is a valid question given how many people with blue hair there are walking around out there. Regardless of whether you want it for yourself, your partner has recently dyed their hair, or you’re just curious about that weird blue hair meaning, let’s examine the question and see if we can find out what does blue hair symbolize.

What are the most popular types of dyed blue hair?

There are several types of blue you’ll most commonly see today – pastel blue hair, midnight blue hair color, sky blue hair, neon blue hair, and deep blue hair. Each of them can look quite different and it’s really a matter of personal taste. Do you want a mysterious midnight blue or are you more of a joyful sky blue kind of person? It’s all up to you.

Now, it can be argued that there are some objective factors to consider when choosing a specific shade of blue, and all those revolve around the shape of your face, the shade of your skin, the color of your eyes, and so on. However, it’s really hard to find a definitive answer or guidelines to which shade fits better on which type of fades. At the end of the day, one fairly easy to state thing is that lighter blue shades don’t sit well on people with darker hair, or at least, not most of the time.

Still, it is all personal. Both lighter and darker blue shades can fit on narrow or round, square or oval faces. Both ends of the color spectrum can work with blue, brown or colorful eyes, both lighter and darker hair can go with any hair length, and so on, and so forth.

So, just give it some thought and be careful about your decision – you’ll want to know exactly what shade of blue you want for your hair before you start bleaching and dying.

An easy way to determine the exact type of blue color that’s right for you is to try some wigs and check out how you’re going to use with blue hair. Alternatively, you can also look up a face-altering app or software and use that to digitally change your hair color and decide what you’re going to want for it.

What are the main reasons to dye your hair blue?

So, you’re contemplating the pros and cons of dying your hair in a striking blue color but you’re still on the fence. Let’s go over some of the main factors people usually find convincing:

  1. Style! Dyed blue hair has been around for quite some time now and it’s much more than just an obscure fashion choice – it’s a recognized style that many know and love. What’s more, different blue hair colors such as pastel, midnight, neon or sky all work very well with certain hairstyles such as the classic bob or brown and black ombre curls. This means that combining your blue color with such a hairstyle can result in an even more striking and captivating result – much more so that simply dying your hair and leaving it as it is.
  2. Pastel is trending right now! Not only are different shades of blue hair color accepted nowadays, but pastel blue is also quite trending recently as well. There are lots of famous personalities and celebrities in the last several years that have embraced the paste blue hair color and have made it quite popular – Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, and others, have all helped popularize this unique color and outlook. Now, granted, maybe midnight blue or sky blue will the next big thing in fashion but pastel blue is the king on the hill right now. Besides, it’s not like other blue hair colors are “unpopular” anyway.
  3. Going against the trend. This may sound like it’s going against what we said immediately before it, but for better or for worse, it’s a cultural fact that dyed blue hair color is still viewed as contentions in certain places. This is as much annoying as it is an opportunity to become a trend-setter in your area. Or, even if blue hair color is generally accepted where you live, there are still lots of hairstyles and shades of blue and green that haven’t been tried on a large scale yet.
  4. It’s attention-grabbing. We’re not necessarily saying that always looking for others’ attention is a good thing – some might say that it’s unhealthy. However, getting the attention on when you want it can certainly be beneficial as well. And having a striking blue hair, coupled with a captivating personality, is a great way to do just that.
  5. Personal expression and freedom. There are many things we can do with our hair and dying it blue is far from the only way to express your inner self. It’s certainly one way, however, and a pretty effective one as well.

So, what does blue hair mean?

There really isn’t any deep symbolism behind blue hair, or at least not just one concrete symbolism. Many people nowadays are trying to associate the color with the SJW and Feminism social movements but that’s not necessarily the case – there are lots of people with dyed blue hair that are very much detached with from such social discussions. At the end of the day, dyed blue hair color is all about the freedom to express your inner self, your hidden desires and characteristics, and to embrace the world around you. Which is a pretty cool meaning, however, you choose to look at it.

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