5 Tips to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem for a lot of people. Not always it is a symptom of some disease, but, as we all know, it is not nice. Hair loss, especially at a young age, may cause severe stress, therefore it has to be stopped as soon as possible. See following tips, which are based both on scientific facts and real experience of people. Remember these tips, try them and retrieve beautiful and healthy hair again!

Tip 1: Start to use high quality supplements which contain specific vitamins and minerals

If your hair falls out intensively, most likely, you have lack of important nutrients in your organism. To solve this problem, use high quality supplements which contain specific vitamins and minerals along with your daily diet. These vitamins and minerals will renew a balance of lacking nutrients and will prevent hair loss.

Tip 2: Drink a lot of water every day

You have to drink a lot of water every day, which is at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Water helps to eliminate toxins, which can be one of the most important causes of hair loss. Drink distilled water or at least filtered water, which does not contain substances like chlorine, lead or similar substances.

Tip 3: Do not consume a caffeine

Caffaine is diuretic. Any diuretic causes dehydration, as during urination an organism excretes more liquid than is gets. Dehydration of body and hair roots is another cause of hair loss. In order to get shiny and healthy hair, exchange your daily cup of coffee for a glass of juice, milk, or any other drink, which does not contain a caffeine.

Tip 4: Ensure sufficient sleep of 7-8 hours

Sufficient amount of healthy sleep is vitally important factor not only for your hair, but also for your body as a whole. The sleep is a time when our body regenerates and recovers from daily activities, excreting toxins, which we inhaled, ate or drank. Sufficient sleep helps to maintain a strong and healthy body as well as strong and healthy hair.

Tip 5: Know what you use

Whenever it is possible, use only high quality shampoos, conditioners, and masks, not casually chosen cosmetics, which have nice smell and package design. Special and high quality cosmetics can ensure a protection against hair loss, therefore it is recommended to chose them carefully and more responsibly.

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