How to Grow Hair Faster

Many women think of their long hair as one of their defining features. But more than that, there are cultures that consider long hair to be sign of health, responsibility, wealth, power or even knowledge. So it is no wonder why so many people are looking for ways to grow long, lushes locks.

But growing hair isn’t always easy, as it is hard to make your hair grow faster than it’s natural rhythm. Luckily there are things you can do to keep your hair and scalp healthy, which will facilitate hair growth. Therefore here are hair growth tips to help you grow and maintain healthy hair.

Patience is one of the most important hairs growth tips. It may seem underrated but sadly hair cannot grow overnight. Long hair needs weeks, months or even years of care. Therefore you will have to have the patience to grow out your hair. And since hair actually grows only quarter to half an inch in length a month patience will be your best friend in the hair growing process. On top of that patients will also allow you time to learn about various hair growth tips that will help keep your hair healthy as soon as it shoots out of the follicle.

Hair conditioning also supports quick hair growth since it seals the cuticle, replace the lipids and the protein inside the hair shaft keeping your hair very strong and healthy. And since coloring and heat styling your hair can cause weakening of your strands regularly conditioning your hair will help you repair the damage and therefore your hair to grow faster and healthier.

Just like your body, your hair needs vital nutrients to grow, this includes hair treatment methods and hair supplements. Hair supplements come in different varieties, but virtually all of them will boo your hair growth. And proper diet is also beneficial to quick hair growth. So maintaining a balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals will go a long way in ensuring a faster hair growth. Just make sure to visit your doctor before starting any new diet or supplement regiment since some supplements may interfere with certain medications.

The question of how to grow hair faster has numerous answers. For quick hair growth, it all starts with following a few simple rules. Like always conditioning your hair. It is appalling how women will use shampoo to wash their hair in almost all their showers and not condition the hair right after. And it is also wrong since hair shampoo is mainly used to wash product buildup and dirt from your hair, therefore, shampoo also eliminates essential natural oils that keep your hair soft, strong and healthy. So if you want to grow and maintain beautiful hair, use shampoo sparingly and always condition your hair.

Carefully brushing your hair also support quick hair growth. Most people brush their hair daily, but did you know that frequent brushing causes massive breakage of your hair? So comb your hair a couple of times a day if you can and do it gently. But how about combing wet hair? If you thinking about combing your wet hair, stop right there. Wet hair should never be combed. You can detangle it from the bottom of your hair upwards. But never, take a brush and run it through your wet hair. It will only end up breaking your hair and ripping it out.

Ironically, hair trimming is actually one of the best ways to ensure quick hair growth. Despite the fact that trimming your hair leaves your hair shorter than it initially was, it helps a lot by making sure that the tips of your hair stay healthy. Trimming the ends also prevents split ends which make your hair look extremely weak. So make sure to get regular trims if you want your hair to grow long and thick.

A relaxing cold water rinse at the end of every shower supports quick hair growth as well. And lets you maintain healthy-looking hair. Amazingly, you do not even need to stand under the cold water for hours, a few seconds is enough. A cold water rinse lays down the outer layer of your hair more smoothly and controls moisture loss, heat damage, and snags. And in addition to that, we all know that the feeling of cold water on your scalp is pretty great, especially on a hot summer day. So although cold water rinse might not seem to qualify as a hair growth tip, with time this step makes a major difference in your hair growth.

Lastly, there are a few hair growth tips that are so easy that they require little to no effort. For example, switching up your pony replacement once in a while will ensure the integrity of your strands. While keeping your hair in a nicely-done ponytail most of the time will let your hair continue to grow faster, stronger and healthier.

Despite the fact that hair growth tips are easy to follow, it is a daily struggle to grow and maintain long healthy hair. So make sure you take care of both your hair and your body. And you should be able to grow long, thick, luscious locks in no time.

  • Sophie J. Green Reply

    I agree with using hair conditioner to make your hair grow faster and stronger. I am currently using O so Thick & Strong Conditioner from Osensia, it was infused with biotin that helps with hair growth.

    • boldbarber Reply

      I haven’t used the Osensia conditioner personally but it definitely sounds like it could help with hair growth.

      • Sophie J. Green Reply

        You should try it. It is a natural hair product and sulfate-free.

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