Things to Know Before Getting a Keratin Treatment

Many women seek to have really long, silky smooth hair, this is their poison. Which is where keratin treatment comes in because it has proven to be the most common way as to get this effect. So this article seeks to shade light on this well-known hair smoothing treatment. It will take you through the nitty-gritty of the treatment. And if you are considering this hair treatment this article will also help you know everything beforehand.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a fibrous protein that forms the main structural constituent of one’s hair. It is the protein that protects the epithelial cells from damage.

Keratin hair treatment

This is a hair smoothing process that is applied in order to prevent your hair from frizzing, leaving it smooth and appearing healthier. It starts by smoothing out the hair cells that overlap to form your hair strands. The hair cuticle then absorbs the keratin making your look glossy and add volume to the hair. Keratin hair treatment seeks to straighten the hair for easy styling as well. This treatment lasts for weeks depending on the stylist and the method they used on your hair. Keratin treatment differs from relaxers, due to the chemicals that are used. Relaxers are permanent as they restructure the bonds in the curled hair making it weaker and consequently making it straight. However, keratin smoothing treatment is temporary by introducing protein to the porous parts of your hair and making it feel smoother, this washes out after a while.


Keratin hair treatments have a different composition which is very important to know about before you decide to do this treatment. Because some treatments produce formaldehyde when it is exposed to heat. Formaldehyde is a harmful carcinogen that can cause cancer to both the user and the stylist when they are exposed to it too frequently. And although the formulas containing formaldehyde are said to be more efficient, they are not safe for your health. However, there are a couple of keratin treatments that are free of formaldehyde. Therefore if you decide to get a keratin smoothing treatment make sure your stylist uses a formaldehyde-free treatment.

Brazilian blowout

When thinking of keratin hair treatment, the most common term people ask about is the Brazilian blowout. People often mistake it for a hair strengthening treatment. However, it actually is a specific brand of keratin treatment. And a very popular keratin treatment at that, as it lasts way longer than other existing treatments due to the fact that it realigns the protein structure of the hair, making the hair smooth and straight.

Benefits of keratin treatment

Fights frizz

The main aim of going for a keratin treatment for your hair is to prevent or get rid of the frizz in your hair. Keratin hair treatment makes the hair less frizzy and the effect lasts for a couple of weeks.

Time -Saver

Since after having a keratin treatment the protein injected into the hair makes the hair straighter and smoother, the time one has to spend when drying the hair significantly lessens. Which means that keratin treatment can be a real time-saver and will make the upkeep process of your hair less strenuous.

Easier to manage

Keratin treatment also makes your hair easier to manage. Using a high-temperature flat iron, the keratin treatment infused into the hair seals the cuticle and repair damage to the hair thus making it stronger and easier to manage.


Lastly, keratin treatment not only makes the hair stronger, it also makes it look shinier and silkier.


A keratin treatment can be applied in different ways. The following are a few of the most common methods of keratin treatment application:

One way to apply keratin is using keratin serums, shampoos, and conditioners. Even though they do not make the hair straight, they make hair damage-resistant and repair dry and damaged hair. This keratin treatment method is mainly applied to make your hair stronger and safer from heat and chemical damage.

And then there are salon keratin treatments. These treatments are done in several steps. First, the hair is washed thoroughly with a cleanser that is suitable for the specific hair type. Then the stylist applies the keratin straightening serum ensuring that each strand is covered fully. The hair is then straightened using a special straightening iron. This is to activate the treatment and seal the keratin in. This allows the hair to get silkier, smoother and straighter. Finally, the hair is washed to rinse out the treatment, dried and then re-straightened.

Hair care after a keratin treatment is quite easy. You will be advised to not wash or expose the keratin treated hair to water for about 48 hours. Also, you should avoid styling the hair too much. And when washing the hair, ensure the shampoo used is sulfate free.

And nowadays there even are keratin supplements that you can take. They come in powder and capsules form. They can be easily found in the most health store.

Disadvantages of keratin hair treatment

Yet, keratin hair treatment also has a few downsides, that are important to know before deciding to get a keratin treatment.

One thing to expect is that the hair may be greasy very easily since the hair will be frizz free. Also, the use of keratin treatment is limiting as one is required to use a specific shampoo and conditioner after the treatment. Thirdly, after a keratin hair treatment, the hair becomes sleeker and straighter but also less voluminous, and one might miss the volume. And lastly, keratin treatment can be quite expensive, especially considering the fact that it only lasts for a couple of weeks.

Risks and possible side effects

And finally, here is a bit of info on risks associated with keratin hair treatment. And it’s possible side effects.

As previously discussed, the serum in the keratin hair treatments can contain formaldehyde. Which is said to be carcinogenic and therefore may cause health problems. Especially if inhaled. While other serums that are formaldehyde free usually also contain some form of chemicals that people can also be sensitive to.

Keratin hair treatment is an efficient way of straightening your hair and making it easier to manage. This in return can save your hair from damage and trauma, making your locks healthier. But if you still can’t decide whether you should get a keratin treatment or not, talk to a professional. They will help you make a smart and informed decision on whether to get a keratin hair treatment or not.

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