Tips for Getting a Better Haircut

Tips for Getting a Better Haircut

A good haircut can boost your confidence level and improve your general appearance. Getting such a haircut requires conscientious effort from you and your stylist. Frankly, there’s only but a thin line between getting a decent haircut and an awful one. You will need to be proactive if a remarkable haircut is what you desire. And there’s no better way to show intent than following the advice given by experts in the field. Here’s is our tips for getting a better haircut.

Pick an experienced stylist

An expert will always strive to deliver quality services always. An experienced stylist is certainly not exempted. A decent haircut is only possible with a remarkable stylist. You might want to choose your stylist properly if a great haircut is what you seek. With adequate scrutiny, you can locate your ideal stylist. Social media and the internet, in general, have made this much easier.

Your stylist’s remarks could help

Experts are taken seriously in their area of specialization. Your stylist is a professional as well. He has undergone rigorous training with a lot of clients to his name – else you probably wouldn’t consider using his services. Also, he has probably seen it all and should not be ignored when he makes recommendations about your hair. Follow his instructions just like you would do that of your doctor.

Be free with your stylist

Take your stylist as a friend. Tell him what your worries are regarding your hair. Is an infection disrupting the condition of your hair? Talk to him. A mutual relationship would be the perfect representation of what should exist between you and your stylist. You need to treat him right to avoid a haircut which might negatively affect you and for a long time. However, when he is delivering the goods, ensure you don’t distract him by talking too much or asking too many questions.

Watch your expectations

While it is great to have dreams regarding your desired haircut, it is important you don’t get your hopes high yet. You might want a haircut just like your favorite celebrity, but your hairline or frame could make that impossible. Often, your stylist will look at your chosen haircut and decide on his next step. If he has a strong conviction against the haircut you have opted for, he might make suggestions on a more suitable haircut.

There is also your routine to consider. Some haircuts demand a lot of maintenance like visiting your stylist’s shop every other day; others are perfect for a get-up-and-go person. So, don’t just decide on that Justin Timberlake’s haircut if you can’t maintain it.

A picture speaks volumes

Have you ever found it difficult communicating what you want to your stylist? You’re not alone. Describing how you want that haircut done could be tongue-tying especially if it is an intricate one. A picture could help. Visual representations are understood much better by both parties. Both you and your stylist could then discuss the hairstyle. Just ensure a compromise is reached.

Book an appointment

No, don’t just brush into a stylist’s shop seeking a haircut. Doing so makes you susceptible to receiving a poor service. A professional stylist will require you to book an appointment. This ensures quality time is spent on you and your hair. It is important you pick the time of day when your stylist is not worn-out from working all day. Also, avoid opting for an eleven-hour arrangement. It almost always doesn’t end well.


People who reward their stylist handsomely for a work well-done often receive the best service. It is not something your stylist will tell you, but it is a fact. Belong to that category of people who tip their stylists and you would be surprised. The ‘VIP’ service you receive when next you step into your stylist’s shop could have you always coming back for more. This symbiotic relationship could last long enough if both parties don’t get tired.

Indulge your stylist

Sometimes, in the middle of getting your haircut, your stylist tells you about different products he has for specific hair problems. Indulge him. Don’t be rude. Your stylist belongs to the small group of skilled individuals you don’t want to ‘piss off.’ If provoked, he could leave your hair in a mess which would result in you donning an unattractive cap to cover the shame!

Criticize if you need to

While it is good to ensure you build a cordial relationship with your stylist, don’t let your emotions cloud your better judgment. Your stylist is paid to ensure your hair looks good. If he is not doing it right, tell him! Don’t just keep mute even when the look you desire appears to be eluding you. Talk! A professional stylist will accept your criticism with an open mind. Many of those with bad haircuts probably sacrificed quality on the altar of friendship. This is wrong.

Stylists are expendable

If your stylist has refused to do the right thing, perhaps it is time to switch your allegiance. Many find it difficult parting company with their chosen stylist even when he errs on a continuous basis. Consider your stylist as a paid employee, if he is just not good at what he does, letting him go should be a viable option.

View your stylist the same way you look at that grocery store down the street. You have the opportunity to go elsewhere. Use it to confirm if there are better options out there.

Take your kit with you

We live in an era when diseases are on the loose. You can’t be too careful especially since your health is involved. During a haircut, injuries can happen. If your stylist doesn’t sterilize his tool, you might just get something you never expect. Coming with your own clipper is a decent way of preventing such a mishap.

In conclusion, getting a decent haircut is mostly affected by your stylist and your budget. Your choice of a haircut doesn’t count it since this can always be changed based on the recommendations of your stylist. Stick to the above tips and you won’t have to don an ill-fitting baseball cap!

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