Tips on How to Get Gum out of Your Hair

Getting gum in your hair is fortunately not something that a lot of us need to deal with. We’ve all seen how annoying it can be, however, and yet, most of us have no idea how to deal with that situation. So, whether you’re dealing with this problem right now or you just want to be prepared – here are our tips on how to get gum out of hair.

The must-do steps for gum stuck in hair situations

Before we go into the different tools you might use, let’s take a look at the other steps you’d want to take regardless of what you’re using to get the gum out of your hair:

  1. Use a rubber band to separate the affected hair strand from the rest of your hair. This is a really important step that most people skip. The nightmare scenario is when you get gum stuck in your hair and there’s nothing you can do about it immediately because things only get worse as time passes and the gum gets stuck into more and more of your hair. So, until you’re able to do something about the gum itself, make sure that the affected hair is properly separated.
  2. Get a comb and a towel, as well as hair-cleaning appliances. Whichever tool you’re going to use to get rid of the gum, you’ll also want to wash your hair afterward. So, either go home where you’ll be able to get a shower or at least get to a sink where you’ll be able to wash the affected section of your hair after you’ve removed the gum.

How to remove gum from hair strands

Most people can’t agree on the best way to get gum out of hair but there are several useful tools that you’ll want to consider before most others:

  • A dissolver. These include things such as rubbing alcohol, eucalyptus oil, adhesive remover, or a mixture of water, baking soda, lemon juice, and white vinegar. The goal of the dissolver is quite evident – to dissolve the gum from your hair so that you can easily remove the pieces. Simply apply the dissolver, let it stay there for a couple of minutes or more, and then remove the gum and wash your hair.
  • A lubricant. This category includes more than just intimate lubricates and/or vaseline but also things like toothpaste, hair mousse, cooking oil, hair silicone, etc. Even something like peanut butter can work here. Their goal of the lubricant isn’t so much to dissolve the gum but to make it easier to slide it off your hair. Just apply the lubricant, let it stay there for a couple of minutes, and use a wide-tooth comb to slide the gum down your hair strand.
  • An ice cube. Yes, this sounds weird but the goal of the ice cube is to freeze the gum solid and then just chip it off of your hair. This is a good and practical solution for when you’re outside as you can easily get an ice cube from a nearby restaurant or a fast-food place.
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